Our Library Is You.

Our task in the PhysiQademy isn't to hand you the answers. Our task is to help you find answers on your own.  

And while rote knowledge is crucial when constructing an exercise program, mastering a sport or improving diet, all the knowledge in the world is useless without the wisdom to use it properly.  

Whether you're just beginning to put it all together, an intermediate athlete looking for an edge,or an advanced leader in developing physical performance, we all come across new questions, challenges and roadblocks.  And while information is handy, it's the wisdom on how to apply it that we all need a hand with.  

That's why each level of the PhysiQademy approaches these answers in a different way, because need a hand in finding new answers.

You see, the PhysiQademy is a community of coaches, mentors, trainers and thinkers who combine their experiences to help refine that wisdom.  

We pool information and knowledge to help vet out what's most practical.  We don't just share successes and failures, we compare them, trying to discern where things went right and wrong.  And we use tools of reason, rationale and logic to advance our goals, dreams and visions.

So while we apply the usual information resources, we have found that evaluating our own work among peers often yields far more practical information than facts on a page.  

It's like we're each a volume of useful data, and each new student athlete in the PhysiQademy adds yet another book of useful ideas, information and methods.  

Even though you come to us with questions, we all gain from seeking out the answers.  You hold a lot of those answers in you already; you just need guidance to flesh them out.  

That's why we're eager to coach you.  At the PhysiQademy, our library is you.