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Every goal needs a foundation.

You would never build a house without a precise blueprint. You would never invest money without a concise financial plan.  So why would you jump into an exercise, diet or athletic program without a similar foundational strategy? 

Level 101 sets this foundations. The 101 Level project units are designed to help you create a precise plan of attack for your body, your eating, your habits and your goals.  We inventory what you already know, align it with what you need, and create a more practical picture of where you want to go.  Things get REAL specific at the 101 Level – or at least as specific as possible.

101 Level work is not just for athletic beginners, though.  All student athletes in the PhysiQademy must do some 101 Level Units before moving forward.  

Of course, a lot of times the newly-enrolled advanced athletes imagine they can just skip of this work, assuming by the "101" label that they probably "already know whatever it is."  In reality, this level is not about beginners, it is about beginnings, and therefore aspects of 101 level work apply at every skill level.  And in the end the 101 Level work is what athletes end up recalling upon the most out of any other information they get out of the PhysiQademy!

The 101 Level is also where you establish your relationship with your coach – a working relationship which is obviously essential.  If we are to create custom solutions for your needs, we need a personal interaction with you.  The 101 Level units set up the rhythm of how you will learn and the strategies under which you'll be coached.

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