101 Units Listing

The first thing you have to know is that the listing you see here is not exhaustive.  It is just a starter list to give you an idea of the PhysiQademy Units offered, and what things await you at the 101 Level of the PhysiQademy.

Remember, if you do not see your area of interest here, please investigate the other PhysiQademy Units listings, or inquire directly.

All Units are represented in terms of how many sessions they are anticipated to run.  However, please keep in mind that the actual number of sessions can vary, depending on the needs of the athlete.

BF-101 Beginning Foundations Unit (required for ALL other units)

The Foundations Unit is one of our most crucial offerings.  Geared towards helping an athlete develop a clearer description of their goals and missions, the Foundations Unit produces excitingly different results for each athlete.  This unit will also acquaint the athlete with the process before them, and help them begin to manage the work that will be coming their way.  

1 to 3 sessions • The Foundations Unit is a mandatory requirement for all other PhysiQademy units. 

DT-101 Diet Theory; Sustenance & Satisfaction

Diet Theory is a unit completely proprietary of the PhysiQademy.  This unit is designed to equip an athlete with the “real factors” influencing how their eating can be the make or break to their physique progress.  By the end of this unit, athletes will not only be able to incorporate practices to maximize their results, but will be able to spot flaws and errors in a more timely fashion, preventing future loss of their gains.  Truly a return on investment.

4 to 6 sessions • Diet Theory is a mandatory requirement for all other PhysiQademy diet-related units. 

TT-101 Training Theory

Much of training is spent explaining and educating an athlete to the “real deal” behind why they should do what they do.  Training Theory saves time and energy by helping an athlete learn fundamentals of training concepts BEFORE they apply them.  Saving precious time in the gym, this unit also equips athletes with basics to begin developing future plans on their own that are solid and exciting.

2 to 4 sessions • Training Theory is a mandatory requirement for all other PhysiQademy training-related units. 

DP-101 Diet Programming

Knowing why and when to eat is essential.  But designing a solid game plan is also important.  Diet Programming helps hammer down “what” to eat.  Guided by the background knowledge from Diet Theory, an athlete can develop an eating scheme that is highly effective, but also VERY comfortable and compatible with a “normal” lifestyle.  Likewise this unit helps develop an athlete’s ability to create new and ever-changing plans for the future on their own.

1 to 2 sessions 

NE-101 Foundations: Success Achievement & Habit Neurology

If will-power alone brought us to our goals, well, we’d all be in great shape.  This unit analyzes the neurology behind your habits and helps better delineate the chronic from the lazy.  We will explore practical tools for behavior modification and develop ways to track and build new habits and attitudes.

 Additional sessions of this nature are often requested, and thus are always available.

1 to 2 sessions 

TP-101 Beginning Training Programming

So you have the training theory basics, but now what?  How does one actually construct an effective and meaningful workout plan?  This upbeat, fun unit walks you through creating your own, unique training regiments, and discusses possible variety and fun you can add to your programming. 

Additional sessions of this nature are often requested, and thus are always available.

1 - 3 sessions

AS-101 Additional 101 Sessions 

Sometimes we need to brush up.  Sometimes we need to explore topics in more depth.  Whatever the reason, there is often need or interest in expanding the learning process.  Additional sessions to allow for this expansion are always available.