Let's get ahead.

You already do it.  Now do it better.

Maybe you've been going to the gym forever and are wondering what to do next.  Maybe you're constantly experimenting with your eating and want to see what diet can do.  Maybe you're in great shape but want to explore how else you can develop.

At the 102 Level of the PhysiQademy, it's about expanding the possibilities for folks who already have a practice of exercise, diet or athletics integrated into their lives.  This level works to see what else can be done, how can things be re-ordered and rearranged, and what else can be created with the work you already do.

Folks looking to expand their practical knowledge tend to stick with the 102 Level work for a long time.  There is always something new to learn, someone new to learn from and some other goal to set.  

A lot of people at the 102 Level even already have history accomplishing amazing athletic things in their lives, yet now want to seek a new direction and so new learning is required.  

The 102 Level is the most like "traditional training" you will see in the PhysiQademy.  In fact, coaches often step aside and become or enlist trainers to assist your progress.  Yet always the coach is there, helping you refine your biggest picture objectives.

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