102 Units Listing

The first thing you have to know is that the listing you see here is not exhaustive.  It is just a starter list to give you an idea of the PhysiQademy Units offered, and what things await you at the 102 Level of the PhysiQademy.

Remember, if you do not see your area of interest here, please investigate the other PhysiQademy Units listings, or inquire directly.

All Units are represented in terms of how many sessions they are anticipated to run.  However, please keep in mind that the actual number of sessions can vary, depending on the needs of the athlete.

LA-102 Program Laddering

“Laddering” has been a part of PhysiQademy since it’s inception.  It is a method of setting up a plan empirically in a manner where an athlete always has a clear idea of “what comes next.”  Laddering also helps pre-plan contingency events, and helps athletes avoid pitfalls as they advance through their program.

2 to 3 sessions DT-101 Diet Theory and DP-101 Diet Planning are pre-equisites for to take this unit

DY-102 Basic Dynamics & Functional Flexibility (required for all training units)

The key to physique progress is efficiency of movement.  Flexibility, durability and awareness is crucial to this task.  Often our problems lie not in our workouts, but in what we do before and after we train.  This unit is designed to lay a basic groundwork of stretching practices that can be applied immediately for astounding results.  Likewise this unit will help athletes begin to self-assess their own abilities, and gauge their progress over time. 

2 to 4 sessions Basic Dynamics & Functional Flexibility is a mandatory requirement for all other PhysiQademy training-related units. It’s sessions can be combined with training packages

EX-102 Exercise Workshopping (Training Theory 101 required)

Wondering whether deadlifts are for you?  Want to learn a safe way to squat?  An Exercise Workshop is designed to patiently break down an exercise, then analyze your capacities to perform it safely and effectively.  No more guess-work.  Take your time with an exercise and develop the heightened familiarity of performance used by more advanced athletes.

Varied Sessions Sessions can be combined with training package purchases.

XT-102 Expansion Training

There are many places where an athlete can learn.  Often athletes show particular aptitudes in one arena that merits deeper exploration.  Other times an athlete requires special training in a difficult area of work.  PhysiQademy “expands” the athlete’s training by collaborating with other experts, trainer and coaches to create sessions that directly apply to an athlete’s actual needs.   

Expansion Training sessions allow an athlete to experience their project from more angles and produce faster and more effective results.  All Expansion Training sessions are optional, and are usually elected under the advisement of the athlete’s coach/mentor.

2-4 sessions 

OU-102 Outdoor / Off-Site Challenge Development Sessions

Why be stuck in a gym?  Often there are opportunities to develop an athlete in outdoor settings, or in specialty gyms.  Rock climbing anyone?  Or how about stadium stair challenges?  From yoga to Pilates to beachside dynamics work, the possibilities to incorporate variety are endless.

All Outdoor/Off-Site Challenges are geared to help an athlete create their own follow-up challenges.  Athlete’s are left with more options of how to make more gains in surroundings that are more effective and inspiring. 

ES-102 Event Strength Workshopping

“Event strength” training is a form of power and weight training where each “rep” is isolated in some fashion which makes each lift a “unique event,” discrete from other reps.  This form of lifting is immensely useful and versatile, yet rarely explored.

While many people know of the sport of StrongMan, few realize the principles behind this sport can be reappropriated in remarkable ways to be condusive to fat burning, endurance and immune system and stamina increase.  

This workshop allows athletes to explore the tools and methods of event strength lifting and learn how to incorporate this type of training in their own routines.

2 to 4 sessions

AU-102 104-105 Session Audits

When you are feeling a bit more comfortable with your work, you may grow curious as to what may lie “beyond” your level of physique development.  Our 104 and 105 Level Athletes work in teams, and face challenges on the competitive level.  Their sessions therefore usually delve deep and move fast.  Auditing selective sessions often clarifies and enlightens a novice athlete to ideas and motivations they previously may not have thought up.  

TR-102 Per-Session Training Packages

There is no more useful experience than bringing your brains to the gym.  Therefore, bringing along TWO brains is obviously better.  Training packages allow athletes to work one-on-one with their coach in a real-time training session.  Similar to traditional personal training, PhysiQademy sessions also emphasize recall and awareness of information already integrated into the athlete’s knowledge.