Let's get competitive.

Master the training, master the game.

Competitive athletes and those who want to become competitive populate the 103 Level of the PhysiQademy.  Now our training and eating become focused on a goal that exists beyond our own deadlines.  

We resource trainers and methods that are proven to work and then workshop them towards your own specific needs.  We workshop management tactics that help you keep your "real life" rolling while excelling at your vision.  And we digest how to make your competitive work take on benefits beyond just within your sport.  

This is also the level for people who have excelled on their own and seek new challenges.  Competition, when properly positioned in a program, can be one of the healthiest ways to learn about best methods.  While our work is always comparable to others, at a point our work is what others start comparing to themselves.  It is this at this point where you have mastered the "stand-alone" work and can gain more by having an external goal to reach.

Just about any sport is accommodated in the PhysiQademy.  Coaching often consists of going beyond the coach's knowledge zone, and it is this process wherein you learn new methods of program construction.

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