It's about how you learn, not about "how much."


It's about how we'll do it,
not about what we'll do.

The more you learn, the more you can get done.  The more you can get done, the more opportunities you have to learn.  This is true of just about everything.  The rate of progress is sped up or slowed down by the rate of learning.

The five main levels of the PhysiQademy aren't about who is "better" or "worse" at exercise, diet and athletics.  The five levels do not dictate skill level alone; they also describe the rate of learning.

So if you have a lot of experience under your belt, you may be able to learn things in a different way than someone for whom concepts are new.  And this kind of thing doesn't just apply to those who are in-shape versus those who are not.  Just as often the guy who's body "looks awesome" has benefitted more from luck in his methods than knowledge, and some other fellow who appears to be just average may have a ton of knowledge on how to eat, train and grow, but just hasn't figured out how to apply it.

How you apply  what you know is more important than what you know.  And the rate of that application happens different for different people.  That's why we created different coaching levels.  

Those who need to gain information at the same rate as they learn to apply information are more at the 101 and 102 levels. Athletes who have banks of knowledge and experience, but are ready to experiment and debate new methods are more 

towards the 104 and 105 levels.  Meanwhile, the athlete who knows a lot but could learn more, and who has experience but wants to re-apply new tactics is sort of right in the middle.

Everyone's a 101.

When you start out in the PhysiQademy, you start at 101.  Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who's never seen the inside of a gym, everyone's a "101" when they get started.

That's because we want everyone to have a solid foundation, so we need to see what you know, how you learn and get a game plan.  There's no "jumping ahead' in life, and so there's no jumping ahead with your body.

Sorry, there's no graduation.

Just because PhysiQademy emulates the structure of school, it still is a little different.  This isn't like school where you get through each level and then "graduate."  Many athletes stay happily at one level for many years, being more and more productive and continuing to gain ground on new goals.

That's right: progress in life doesn't mean you switch levels.  Like we mentioned before: the levels dictate HOW we'll approach goals, not about WHAT the goals are.

Great accomplishments happen at every level of the PhysioQademy.  Don't assume the higher levels are innately better – they are just different approaches to the body.