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Solutions to problems arise through a disciplined, often repetitive choice
to dismissal your own opinion.
Over and over if we must, 
putting aside our precious, prized and certain opinion
and instead favoring in our minds clear, unedited observations of things.

When we put aside "how we want the things to be"
and instead study closely "how the things are,"
it is then that solutions we seek will have the space in the mind to grow.

is very like a lightbulb.

While it is lit, it lets you see so much.
Yet unto itself is a vessel that is mostly hollow;
just a lot of hot gas and false fire.

One should use it only sparingly,
lest it burn out for good,
and leave you standing in the dark with all your works.

And never hold competition and it's light
in too high esteem,
because, just like a lightbulb,
if you cling to it too tightly
it will shatter and cut you.

And you will again be left in the dark with your works
bleeding upon them, and now blinded by the dark.

Seek whatever is your sun,
whatever provides light for growth,
and never allow competitive pursuits
become the light by which you work for long.


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