Don't just change what you do. Change how you do it.

It starts with a chat.

We want a good fit.  So before you enroll, let's have a conversation.  That's the first step; a quick, casual conference to discuss the ins and outs, how's and when's and what's, and all the other details of being in the PhysiQademy.

We want to hear your questions.  (We want to answer them, too, obviously.)  And we want to learn about you up front.

Quoted Pricing

In PhysiQademy, you can pay per-session or per-unit or per regular intervals.  Your payment arrangement is negotiated with us upon enrollment in order to create the most affordable experience possible.  We pace content according to what you can afford, allowing you to get the coaching you want at the price you can afford.  

Local in Boston or online – or both!

PhysiQademy is based on Boston, Massachusetts, yet we have many, many coaching packages that allow us to work with you remotely online.  So many of our units are workshop and discussion-based that a large swath of the PhysiQademy experience can be arranged remotely.  Inquire about details on remote online coaching.

However, if you are local to the Grater Boston area, setting up live meetings is easy and convenient.  

Enrollment Inquiry

This form is not a commitment!  It is merely an inquiry to get the ball rolling on a discussion about what the PhysiQademy can do to help improve your your exercise, eating, athletic training or physique development.

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