Speak our language.

One thing that happens a lot in the PhysiQademy is language pops up.  New terms, quirky ways of referring to something or just nifty words we like enter our vocabulary.  Here is a starter list of some of the terms that get thrown around the PhysiQademy.

Student Athlete: This is what we call everyone enrolled in the PhysiQademy.  Whether you think you are an athlete or not, in our eyes you are.  And you're also a student.  Most of the time we just abbreviate the word to "athlete."

Resource:  Anything we use in the PhysiQademy to broaden one's abilities, knowledge or insights.  This could be a person (like a trainer, nutritionist, theorist, etc.), a place (like a gym, a studio, a store, etc.), or any other thing that can be put to good use (a book, a website, a movie – just about anything).  

Sessions: Any meeting between a coach(es) and an athlete(s).  

Coaching Units: Sometimes just called "Units," these are the building block "mini courses" that structure your learning and training efforts in the PhysiQademy.  Think of them like classes, except less chalkboard-ey and more workshop-ey.

Wonk: The (slightly-teasing) term for anyone who is really into one area of work.  Like, a yoga wonk, for example, is someone who might the history and background as well as the poses and practice.  A bodybuilding wonk might be able to name pro competitors.  A nutrition wonk might know what powers esoteric foods have on the body.  While we love wonks because they are great resources, we try our best to keep our athletes coached in as broad and "un-wonky" a manner as as possible.

Coaching: Coaches are not trainers: trainers show you how to do something, coaches facilitate you doing it better.  Coaches sometimes behave like trainers, but their objectives remain the big picture success.  (Not that the small victories aren;t celebrated.)