Units: The hybrid of class, training and peer workshop.

What makes a Unit a Unit.

The PhysiQademy gets you to think different about your body.  And because we're looking at things differently, we also coach things differently.

Just like any class or trainer, your coaching will take place in a series if Sessions.  However, to make coaching both more focused as well as more efficient, we cluster certain concepts into Coaching Units (or just "Units" for short).

Each Unit is held together by an overarching philosophy or objective.  This sort of grouping allows us to coach you towards incremental goals, and also allows us to pace your accomplishments in realistic ways.  Those who are progressing speedily can get the mentoring intensity they need, and those who are stuck on a concept can get the focused coaching they require.

No one takes all the Units.

Of course, Units are not formal things.  They are clusters to help parse your progress, but can be mixed and matched.  No one takes all the units; your particular set-up is designed with you in mind at the onset, allowing us to tailor coaching to your real circumstances.  Sometimes units are even shuffled and broken apart to accommodate unique needs an athlete may have.

Specific needs, specific Units.

One innovation Units allow the PhysiQademy coaches is the ability to focus sharply on one area in a compressed amount of time.  This in turn allows us to bring in more outside resources to help you gain more ground.  That means contracting in specific trainers, facilities and mentors that suit very specific learning purposes. 

Don't fit the Units structure?  No problem!

Sometimes it just makes sense to meet in a per-session basis.  For athletes whose needs are intermixed, or in those situations where an athlete is trying to master something and needs extra training, we can throw aside the Unit structure and design per-session programming for you.

Something for everyone.  Even if we haven't thought of it yet!

The Units we have listed here do not at all represent the totality of the possibilities.  Often new Units are invented, and sometimes by request.  If you don't see it here, ask.  We can either design it or already have and just need to share it with you.